Ways to Sell Your Vintage Jewelry For Cash

Do you know that it’s simple to sell jewelry to get some cash? Many of us have old jewelry pieces such as an old necklace, couple of earrings or bracelets that we are tired of wearing. They may be out of style or broken.

People avoid getting rid of them as these pieces are so expensive. But the good news is that this old jewelry even if it is tarnished or broken can be a worth lot of money.

You can just turn those unwanted pieces of jewelry into money in your pocket with just a little effort. There are some simple ways to sell your jewelry through Circajewels and get a good return out of it.

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You can sell your vintage estate jewelry through online resources, through an auction house; you can sell the gold and diamonds to a gold buyer.

Try selling the vintage jewelry to collectors:

The basic way to sell your gold jewelry is by listing it on an e-commerce site or through an estate dealer, especially if you have some valuable vintage pieces. These vintage pieces are quite valued by collectors and can also bring heavy dollars.

But this is only possible if the item is in good condition. One of the downsides of selling your vintage jewelry this way is that it only works for specific pieces. This process can be time-consuming as you need to monitor the auction by yourself.

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If you like yard sales, then you can try putting your old jewelry during your next sale. Of course, this can be a hit or a miss situation. Unless you get a right buyer, you won’t be able to earn much.

Sell your jewelry to scrap gold buyers:

One of the simplest ways to sell your vintage jewelry is to sell it to a gold buyer. There are many companies that buy estate jewelry so that the jewelry can be melted down and can be reused in coins or any other type of new jewelry.

This can be advantageous as you may get the price relatively close to the going price in the market.