A personal training business can be a great career if you are a healthy, flexible, and friendly person. Salaries for personal trainers are very profitable although this will depend on how hard you want to work.

The best personal trainers are certified and have undergone several training courses. You can also hire professional personal trainers for all of your fitness needs via free form fitness.

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You need to love fitness to become a personal trainer because the most successful coaches don't do personal training as a job but consider it a lifestyle. Many times individuals start personal training careers because they want to help others.

As with any business you need to do marketing. You basically sell your services and need to convey why your personal training is unique or different from your competitors.

The majority of your services will be marketed in a small area even though you can use the Internet to bring your personal training to many other potential clients through online consultations.

Many personal trainers have very flexible hours because many of their clients can schedule training before or after work. It is possible to do training only from 9 to 5 but this can limit your business.

In the end it depends on you the type of hour you work but the more you work the more money you make. Generally a personal trainer will work between 5am to 8pm.

It is also possible to do part-time personal training. This is an excellent choice for those who want to promote their regular income.