The majority of people clean the carpets in their homes once or twice a year. Some clean their carpets more often and some less frequently depending on the age of the carpet, carpet colors, the number of people in the home, the number of pets, etc.

Some people choose to hire a carpet cleaning companies to come in and clean the carpets and others choose do it themselves. Well, it is suggested that you get help from a professional in the first place. There are several companies available  online such as that offer quality services for carpet cleaning.

Professional cleaning services will frequently offer special deals or distribute discount coupons for services. Many companies will provide you with a free estimate, the price in advance, and a guaranteed spot and stain remover.

If you decide to buy your own carpet cleaning machines, you will find various types of machines in the market:

  • Dry carpet cleaning machine. With this method, the dry cleaning agent scattered on the carpet and then vacuumed and the dirt is sucked into the vacuum. The carpet was never wet.
  • Wet carpet cleaning machine. With this method of wet cleaning solution is injected into the carpet. dirt mixed with wet cleaning solution and sucked back into the machine. Carpet is generally dries in four hours depending on the season and the environment.
  • Cleaning Bonnet. It is a dry carpet cleaning machine that has a round pad on the bottom. Using friction to pull dirt from the carpet; However, it was not deep-clean.