The NinjaTrader is a widely used Forex trading platform with a swift increasing user base. It is not difficult to use this automated trading software however as it is such a strong platform, it usually takes time to become an expert in using this software.

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The Forex traders can select from a range of processes to place orders within NinjaTrader. In order to utilize NinjaTrader to implement live trades through a brokerage account, you must either buy a lifetime license or charter the platform on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

For order, position and ATM strategy management purpose it offers 4 graphical interfaces. These interfaces are Basic Entry, Chart Trader, SuperDOM and FX PRO.

The FX PRO offers absolute functionality for order management in a good illustration style. While the Basic Entry, Chart Trader and SuperDOM interfaces can be used to trade any of the supported trading instruments.

The option of chart toolbar provides access to the many types of chart features and can be enabled or disabled via Chart Properties. Generally, the toolbar appears by default. Following mentioned are some of the points available in this feature:

  • Indicators – Select from a variety of standard technical analysis tools. Once installed, custom NinjaTrader add-ons indicators will appear in this list as well.
  • Period – The chart interval, such as one minute, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Chart Trader – When enabled, the Chart Trader control will appear on the right side of the chart window. Traders will be able to submit, modify and cancel orders directly from within the chart.

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  • Data Series – Select additional symbols and customize chart period, style, data, and certain visual features.
  • Strategies – Select from a variety of sample strategies. Once installed, custom strategies will appear in this list as well.

You can get more info here about the NinjaTrader Forex trading platform for instance all about its control center and how can you utilize its control features.