Slightly Obsessed With Tile Reglazing

 Maybe this has something to do with our need for seeing things clean and just sparkle like nobodies business. Seeing it in your bathroom will make you think that this place is not where all dirty things from our bodies go to. That bathrooms are clean and that you can go ahead and free yourself in here because it is a bathroom and it is gloriously clean and sparkly. As all bathrooms should be. We might as well be obsessed with tile reglazing in Chicago.

Nothing is sadder than an outdated bathroom. To see it so moldy and dirty is such a disgusting thing to be doing because we are supposed to feel clean and safe in it. So to see all that dirt, mold and muck? It makes us a little sick to know that we are supposed to clean ourselves in it.

Maybe we should really think about renovating the entire thing, eh? To replace all the tiles with something clean, new and a little shiny. Make them picture perfect, perhaps? And even find a better and shiner toilet and make it look like a worthy throne to be sitting at in the mornings. And in those moments where you regret eating all that chili.

Because if we have to sit on a dirty toilet with our bare ass one more time, we will surely get some kind of disease out of it. And we cannot have that because that would just be embarrassing to tell to our doctor. How did you get this kind of illness when it is impossible to get it on your butt?

Oh, doctor, funny you should ask that. I actually got it from our very own toilet. Yeah, that is not happening. We need to fix the thing as quickly as our money and budget will allow us.

It is either we do that or we will piss and poop in the woods for the entirety of our lives. And that is just a lot more lethal than sitting on a dirty toilet. Of course, none of that would happen if we just thought to clean the bathroom once in a while, huh?

But no, we decided that it was not worth it because the bathroom is just going to get dirty anyway. Why would we clean in the first place? Well, should we live at all in the first place?

If we are all just going to die in the end? That is the point here. As much as it pains us, we should start clean in our places every now and then and it might take a long while, but at least the end result will be better than the alternative.

Which is to live in a pigsty. And we simply just cannot have that if we are ever to want to keep living in a normal society. So for that matter, while we are at it, we should definitely replace the tiles that have been like that for as long as we have been born. Seriously, a nice change would be nice, mom. It could benefit our health even.