What To Do When Your Mobile Phone Insurance Claim Is Rejected?

If your claim has been rejected and you think it is unfair, there are things you can do to address the problems. Why might your claim be rejected? If you bought your policy through an insurance broker, they might make you several complaints about you. It is worth asking, to save yourself from the hassle.

There are many companies such as Sfam provides mobile insurance policy so that if you have a history of lost or broken phones, you have peace of mind that you will get the new phone when you claim. But, what if your insurance claim get rejected?  There are several reasons as to why a claim could be rejected. It could be your incorrect information, lack of due diligence or you are taking reasonable care to your phone. If you are not happy with the reason the insurance company give for rejecting your claim, you have the right to complain.


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In this article, we will discuss what to do if your claim should not have been rejected in great detail.


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  • Check your policy document

Check the details if your policy to see if the facts fit the reason for the rejection.

  1. Check that you have given all the correct details
  2. Note down or highlight the exact workings in your policy that says you are covered you will need it later.
  3. If the wording is ambiguous or poorly explained, note that too. Your insurance company and duty-bound to give you clear information.
  4. New rules state that an insurace company can’t reject your claim if you took reasonable care to answer all their questions correctly.

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  • Contact the insurance company

Once you have taken a look at your policy, it is time to get in touch with the insurance company. You can phone the company and speak to their complaints handlers or write a formal letter to complain and send it to the company’s complaint procedure.

If the problem is technical or specialist, for example, if your insurer is arguing that damage to your property was a result of wear and teat and you are arguing it was accidental damage. It might help to get an independent assessment. If you have stolen an android phone check out here to learn how to get it back in great detail.