Know More About Green Carpet Cleaning

Carpets require frequent cleaning to avoid indoor air pollution and maintaining a clean appearance. Many carpet cleaners, especially spot removers, are loaded with extremely powerful chemicals that can do more harm than good to the environment, especially to our indoor air quality.

There are many green cleaning substitutes that clean just as well as those made with chemicals, and these green substitutes are easily accessible for the average person looking to protect their family and clean their homes safely. You can also get professional rug cleaning services in Perth.

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There are some green-cleaning methods you can implement to improve your indoor air quality when cleaning your carpets:

Professionally clean your carpets – It is important to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. This ensures that your carpet is clean all the way through, including its padding and ridding it of most pollutants. 

Create your own green spot cleaners – Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and apply the mixture directly to the stain and let soak for several minutes. Clean it with a sponge or rag and gently blot the area to avoid spreading the stain. 

Organic carpeting – Many non-organic carpets contain polypropylene and other toxic chemicals, both in the padding and fibers if the carpet has been treated for stain-resistance. Acquiring organic carpeting will get you off to a great start in having and maintaining a healthy, green home. 

Maintenance – Vacuuming every few days will help tremendously. This not only keeps the carpet looking new and clean but it increases the surrounding air quality by removing and preventing dust and dirt from becoming embedded in the carpet.