Importance Of Fireworks On Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights is among the best Hindu festivals which India celebrates with fantastic pomp and grandeur. It is the festival which marks the victory of goodness over evil and encircle our nation with its own brilliance. 

Lightning crackers on diwali are an essential part of this festival. People worship Laxmi, (the goddess of riches), wear new garments and share sweets together with their own friends and families.

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Kids like to purchase crackers and observe the day with fantastic happiness and pleasure. People light crackers for their hearts content and decorate their homes with candles and diyas. There is a good importance of light candles and crackers on this particular day.

Mythological value: It is said Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya from his exile after beating the Raven. He returned with his wife and brother into the realm and people celebrated his success with bursting crackers and light diyas.

Other significant causes of light crackers: Bursting crackers is an indication that there's always a success of the good over the evil. So folks illuminate their houses with diyas and mild crackers so as to make it to the gods together with the message that there is always a success of the gods within the wicked demons. 

Crackers and lights signify that houses are no longer in darkness and there isn't any bad residing in the houses.