How to Choose the Perfect Marina For You and Your Boat?

This article was written for narrowboat owners but whether you own a seagoing yacht, a barge, a cruiser or a narrowboat, you still need somewhere to moor. Many, if not all of the following considerations will apply to you.

There are absolutely hundreds of marinas to pick from. Not all them are going to have the ability to give the services, location or facilities to fit your requirements. If you're looking for Long Island marinas and harbors then you can browse various online sources.

Think carefully before making your choice. You'll need to devote to a minimum duration whereby you moor so attentive consideration is essential.


Are you considering living in your ship? Great residential moorings are extremely difficult to find. Many marinas won't let you live on board. And even in the event that you find one where residential moorings are permitted, ensure the conditions suit you.


Be certain you see what you're paying for. Is it true that the mooring fee contains all fees or are you going to get invoices for services which you believed were included?

Many marinas today provide Wi-Fi or perhaps wired broadband. Can this be included in the purchase price?

Additionally, it is worth checking with different moorers in the marina to set up the signal power and download rate. Most marinas supplying Wi-Fi are in places where the sign is very likely to be bad.

What's the fee for mains power to your ship? Are there any additional fees aside from the power you use?

Some marinas bill an extra amount for"high use" moorers.