How To Become A Good Accountant?

An accountant is a person who record all the transactions. They examine all the records are accurate and taxes are paid on time. An accountant is a person who carries lots of responsibilities to summarise and recording, interpreting and communicating of financial transaction.

Accounting plays a vital role in an organisation. They check the financial status of the organization and provide valuable data  for developing in business . The accountants in Moonee Ponds are accurate and have excellent organisational skills.


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So, for a good accountant in any organisation, you have to know their roles and responsibility. There are following responsibility you must know:

  •  Organization

Accountant are very necessary people  because they take several your responsibilities and manage all the task which are allocate to particular accountant.

You have to  handle all the transaction , an important dates and deadlines according to your requirement.You should  use tools like calenders , alphabetized folders , day planners, and programs designed in a way , it can stay highly organized and in short and long term

  • Time management

As an accountant you need to know how to manage your time . It will help you to complete your task on time.


Time Management

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  • Ethics  and integrity

It is very essential for an accountants because they know everything about their field and help you to take great decision in future.

Characteristics of good accountant

  • Constantly learning

Nowadays , technology plays a  greater role in this industry . All the accountant  should be aware of new technologies and continue to learning in new researches.

Even accounting for doctors are also available. An accountant who does not keeps learning than he or she might be a part of  asset to an organisation in the long run.

  • Ability to work in a team 

An Accountant must work with a team in delivering the work required. Accountant must know how to work together to reach the organizational goals.

Team Members of accountants

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These  are some of the characteristics of good accountant but there are many characteristics that you should know. Check out here to know what are the traits of every good accountant must have so that you should have significant business transaction.