A few Tips on Surfing


Surfing is one of the most entertaining yet relaxing sports in the world. So, if you are thinking of getting into this sport, kudos to you. However, there are a few surfing tips that you have to take into account before you start. They will help you and keep you safe, and you will be an expert in no time. 

Know Swimming Well It one thing to be able to swim in the calm waters of the swimming pool, but completely different to be able to swim in the rough waters of the sea. So, make sure your swimming skills are up to the mark. 

Pop Up Practice – Practice on your pop-up game. Most new surfers, initially, struggle with popping up on the surfboard. Practice this on the beach, and slowly in the water. 

Surf in a Crowd – Be sure that there are people around when you got or surfing. This way you will remain safe. Also, inform the lifeguard that you are a beginner. 

Starting Board – Start with the soft top board. When you are a beginner, you tend to fall a lot so the soft top board will not hurt or injure you in any way. 

Back Straight, Knees Bent – When you are about to ride a wave, make sure to keep your back straight. And bend only at the knees. This will help you maintain your balance much better. 

Fall off Flat – When you are about to fall, you may be tempted to dive in of fall feet first. But this can be dangerous, so it is advised that you fall flat to the side or back to avoid any injury. 

There are many surfing beaches near Canggu Hostels, so, if you are staying here, do try your hand at surfing.